Ethiopian Cafes to Visit


Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, is extremely big on coffee. Their coffee culture is a huge part of everyday life. It’s no wonder that there are cafes and coffee shops on almost every corner.

There are a variety of cafes and coffee shops that cater to all different types of taste buds and preferences. Ethiopia has a wide-range of cafes, from upscale, modern ones to old-fashioned, traditional cafes. Most cafes in Ethiopia offer public WIFI, so you can enjoy a nice cup of joe while reading, having a business meeting on Slido, or getting pleasure by playing on Pokerstars casino. You’re sure to meet plenty of locals, as Ethiopians are serious about their coffee. Whatever your reason for visiting an Ethiopian cafe, there’s many for you to choose from. Here’s a list.

Kaldi’s Coffee

Located in the capital of Ethiopia, Kaldi’s Coffee is known as the “Starbucks of Addis Ababa.” Established in 2005, the company even has a green circular logo similar to Starbucks. Kaldi’s has several locations around town, and is known for their great tasting coffee. It’s been said that their coffee isn’t as good as mom-and-pop shops, but better than national chains. Their coffee shops have a very inviting atmosphere where you can order your favorite drink, sit for awhile, mingle with friends, or meet for business. Kaldi’s has more than 30 coffee shops in Addis Ababa and other cities around Ethiopia. The locals in Addis Ababa frequent Kaldi’s, whether for business or pleasure, and you can always find a few tourists there as well.

Pouring coffee into glasses
Pouring coffee into glasses, founded in 1952, is the oldest coffee shop in all of Addis. This family-owned, Italian-style coffee shop doesn’t have tables and chairs everywhere for getting comfortable and mingling. When you frequent here, you drink your coffee standing up at tall tables. has an antique feel to it with wood-paneled walls and vintage novelties hanging all over. The company’s coffee is some of the finest you will find in all of Ethiopia, made with Ethiopian arabica beans. Guests have even said that they have the world’s best coffee. When at, you order your coffee at the front and pick it up at the back. The coffee is always hot and the staff is always friendly.

Lime Tree

Lime Tree is a hip cafe that serves up coffee, along with some delicious international breakfast and lunch items. You can find customers sitting with their laptops while sipping a cup of java. Local favorites are the authentic Ethiopian enchiladas. Lime Tree is known as one of the hippest places in all of Addis to have lunch. With an interesting menu, one of their staples is their chocolate cake, On Sundays, they offer a brunch buffet that includes fresh pastries, fruits, and juices. Lime Tree has a very comfortable, cozy atmosphere and is designed very well.

Alem Bunna

Located in Addis as well, Alem Bunna is a favorite among locals. Alem Bunna has delicious coffee, and sells their special blend by the kilo. The coffee shop is known for their macchiatos, and it’s been said that they have the perfect ratio of coffee to milk. Their macchiatos are much stronger than other shops in the area. Alem Bunna is always packed with Ethiopians taking a break or sipping their coffee with friends. The shop roasts their own authentic coffee daily. The atmosphere is very inviting and you really get a taste of Ethiopian culture there.

Yeshi Buna

This coffee shop doubles as a restaurant and they not only have amazing coffee, but delicious food, too. Yeshia Buna has a number of establishments spread throughout the city, and they’re pretty popular. They have a long list of food items on their menu, strong coffee, and quality drinks. Locals love this place and tourists are always being referred here. Whether you’re wanting to relax with coffee or head there for delicious, authentic Ethiopian cuisine, you won’t be disappointed.

A cup of coffee
A cup of delicious coffee

Street Coffee

One unique option for coffee in Addis Ababa is the never ending amount of street coffee shops. These tiny, closet sized shops have vendors roasting, pounding, and brewing coffee in the old fashioned jebena clay coffee pot. You get the coffee black, mixed with just a little sugar.  The traditional Ethiopian coffee that you find at these street corner shops is unbelievably delicious. When visiting one of these bite sized shops, you not only get amazing coffee, but you get a fun, unique experience.

The best thing about wanting coffee in Ethiopia is that it’s never too far away. If you don’t want to visit a shop, you can visit a street shop, and there are plenty of places to buy it. In some countries, you wake up in the morning worried about where you’re going to get your caffeine fix, but that’s not the case in Ethiopia. There’s literally a coffee waiting for you around every corner.