Top 10 African And Ethiopian Meals

Contrary to popular belief, African cuisine is actually one of the most versatile and rich in the world, as their resourceful chefs have always found ways to make the most of what they have to create incredibly tasteful recipes.

This exotic and incredibly healthy gastronomy is almost entirely developed with natural goods. Also, you can take a look at their Arabian influence and history, and you can also taste some European influence if you travel to the northern side of the region. So, today, we’re going to try and gather some info about the top 10 most delicious African and Ethiopian meals.


Made almost entirely out of corn flour, this traditional pasta is served mostly in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, but you can also find it in some towns in Ethiopia. Most of the time, nshima is served as a side for meat and vegetables.

Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is the ultimate African rice, and it’s mostly prepared over a base of a lot of fresh tomatoes. Then, you add rice, onions, peppers and different herbs. This is incredibly popular and really tasty.


Kachumbari is a kind of salad people make with onions chopped into small cubes, chili, tomatoes and salt. Also, in places like Kenya people throw some goat meat, beef, and rice to this delicious meal.


Fufu is some kind of boll of doughnut  made out of yucca, which is an African tubercule that’s also found its way to South America. People usually eat Fufu with sauce or soup, and tradition states you must crack your fingers on your right hand while eating it.


Crazy as it may seem, Cholent is something Africans took out of the jewish gastronomy. It’s pretty much a stewed plate made out of chicken, meat, potatoes and barley, and it’s mostly prepared on Friday nights.


While the Briouat was originally created in Morroco, this delightful treat has found its way all across Africa, including Ethiopia. Shaped like a triangle, this fried dough is usually stuffed with lamb meat or chicken with lemon, pepper and cheese.


Brik is pretty similar to a pie, and it’s usually eaten fried and stuffed with chopped onions, tuna, harissa (hot sauce) and parsley, even though other people rather stuff it with hard boiled eggs, cheese, anchovies, chicken or even capers.


Bobotie is a mix of fruits, chopped meat and different herbs. It’s usually cooked in the oven with some eggs and served with sambal, a mix of vegetables with chilli and fruits soaked in salt and vinegar.


If you like sausages, then you’re likely to like Cecina, a sausage made out of dehydrated cow meat, even though some Ethiopians rather make it out of ostriches. It has a very similar taste to Jerkey.



Alloco is a kind of meal you may never have tasted before. It’s pretty much a fried plantain served with onions, eggs, ketchup or chili, and is one of the most popular fast food meals all over Africa.

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